• I’ve an interesting link/topic. Can I post it here at blog physica ?
  • Hi, as mentioned in our “About” page , if you are from IITK and if you are interested in physics, we’ll be glad to have you onboard. You can join us in playing around at blog physica.

    Even otherwise, we welcome comments from anybody who wants to add to the discussion here. We are even ready to put up new posts on interesting topics/questions which turn up in our comment section. So, the answer is yes. Do let us know.

  • I want to to become a part of the blog physica team…
  • Hey, Welcome to our team. Joining us is easier than you might think !

    Go to the wordpress signup page . Just fill in your name and e-mail to get a wordpress account. You can either choose to have just a username or if you want, you can even get a personal blog at wordpress.com . You will get a mail giving you your password and asking you to activate your account. When you’re done, come back here.(You can skip this whole thing, if you already have a wordpress blog.)

    Leave a comment with your email-id in this page.(It should be same as the email-id you entered in the previous step.) We will add you in our team. You would get a mail to that effect from wordpress.

    That’s it. You’re done !
    Whenever you want to login, you can just click the “login” link in the sidebar.

  • How do I put up a new post ?
  • You can start writing right away. You can click the new post link at the top to get a page where you can directly type your post and press “publish”. And that should do the job – atleast for the first post. For more, you can read this page.

    For the first few posts, you can even try mailing us at moc.liamg@acisyhp.glob (Read it in reverse).

    Alternatively, the link site admin in the sidebar should take you to our wordpress administration panels page which has a link to the new posts page. When you’ve time, it’s a good idea to explore our wordpress administration panels from where this blog is controlled. You can read about them here.

    If you really have quite sometime to understand what this blog-thing is all about AND
    If you are one of those “I-will-read-the-whole-manual-before-touching-anything” type of a person, then start here. You might also like to refer to the documentation page now and then.

  • How do I make something bold/italics etc. ? How do I post hyperlinks that people can click on ?
  • Well, see here. A quick glance through this page should answer all your questions. Especially have a look at the tags which allow you to format your post .

  • How do I type math ?
  • Update(17/05/07) : WordPress introduces LaTeX option in blogs. See the announcement here.

    You can do a lot with HTML- Our guess is that anything mentioned in this page should work here – both in comments and in posts. In addition, you can also make superscripts and subscripts. For example, the Maxwell’s equations in this “HTML-Math” is

    ε0∇. E = ρ
    ∇. B = 0
    ×E = – ∂tB
    ×B = μ0J + μ0ε0tE

    written in HTML as

    &epsilon;<sub>0</sub><b>&nabla;. E</b> = &rho;
    <b>&nabla;. B</b> = 0
    <b>&nabla;</b>&times;<b>E</b> = - &part;<sub>t</sub><b>B</b>
    <b>&nabla;</b>&times;<b>B</b> = &mu;<sub>0</sub><b>J</b>
     + &mu;<sub>0</sub>&epsilon;<sub>0</sub>&part;<sub>t</sub><b>E</b>

    though they aren’t as pretty as LaTeX, they’ren’t very bad either

  • Some suggestions on Style
  • Certain requests from us about the style.

    Give a Background tab at the beginning of every post. It is not a hard and fast rule – but kind of keeps things organised. Atleast don’t change it unless you have some reason. Background tab not only provides the prerequisites to understand the post, but also the context. in addition, it is of immense help if you just want to figure out what a post is all about.

    Include links and images. The beauty of the web lies in the ease with which things can be linked and referenced. So, save your readers some googling !

  • How do I leave a comment ?
  • Comments are the life-line of blogs. One of the main reasons we chose blog as a medium is the remarkable ability of blogs to spark and sustain discussions in their comment threads. Hence, in accordance with the best traditions of blogosphere, our comment forums are open to anybody who is interested. However, it is also our duty as administrators of this blog to prevent any abuse of this medium and we shall not hesitate to step-in when necessary.

    You don’ t have to login to comment. You can just come to this site and leave your comment along with your name and email. You don’t even have to inform us (the administrators). Of course, if you are familiar with blogs you would know this already.

    You can click the link below any post with “comments” written on it and leave your comments there. Comments are arguably the most imporatant part of blogs – even if you are not interested in putting up new posts, please tell us what you think ! The very purpose of this blog is to provoke discussion on diverse topics and we will never be able to acheive that aim without your comments.

    The HTML-tags given here should work in the comments.

  • Are anonymous/pseudonymous Comments OK ?
  • If you worry so much about your privacy that you don’t want to leave your name here (Horrors !) , then comment with name as anonymous or you can assume a pseudonym(a false name), But do leave a valid e-mail id.

    The email id will not appear here – only the administrators will be able to see it. And we won’t reveal your id without your consent.