Boulder School Lecture Notes Thursday, Jan 18 2007 

I found a School website containing lecture notes on various topics in condensed matter, so thought of posting here:

Boulder School

Most of it look quite well organized for independent reading.


Anderson’s article Saturday, May 6 2006 


Background: I guess quantum mechanics would do. Since, as usual, high-energy physics is dominating the posts here, it’s time for some condensed matter stuff. Let us start with what is arguably the most famous article in CMP.

Link : P. W. Anderson, “More is different”, Science 177, 393 (1972)
(via the blog which is one of the very few blogs dealing with condensed matter physics.)

This article outlines what I call the “Anderson philosophy behind CMP” 🙂 In case you didn’t know, P.W.Anderson(Physics Nobel Laureate(1977) – is arguably among the most famous physicists in condensed matter physics. You can find his website at Princeton here and here.

And people who are into condensed matter physics would find this link to Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics from Bell-labs interesting ….

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The Net Advance of Physics Wednesday, Apr 19 2006 

Background : I guess this should be useful for all. Bookmark this links – even if you think it is above your level now, at some point of time you might find it very useful.

Link :

Review Articles and Tutorials in an Encyclopædic Format

Well, the name says it all. it is an MIT site.(Well, I am thinking of sitting down and creating a collection like that over here in this blog. Any help would be welcome…). These are some review articles and tutorials in physics arranged alphabetically – often very useful especially when you are doing termpapers 😉

Do have a look at the special review on condensed matter physics. It is quite a comprehensive collection of review articles in condensed matter physics.

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