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  • General Books:
  • 1. Mathematics for Physicists by Philippe Dennery, Andre Krzywicki [Amazon] [Google]

    2. Methods of Theoretical Physics by Philip McCord Morse, Herman Feshbach
    Part 1 [Amazon]
    Part 2 [Amazon]

    3. Methods of Mathematical Physics by R. Courant, D. Hilbert Volume 1 [Amazon]

    4. Mathematical Methods of Physics and Engineering by K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence [Amazon]

    5. Mathematical Methods For Physicists by George B. Arfken, Hans J. Weber [Amazon]

    6. Mathematical Physics by S D Joglekar
    Vol. 1 : The Basics
    Vol. 2 : Advanced Topics

    7. Mathematical Methods of Physics by Jon Mathews , Robert L. Walker [Amazon]

    8. Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. Boas[Amazon]

    9. All the Mathematics You Missed: But Need to Know for Graduate School by Thomas A. Garrity (Author), Lori Pedersen (Illustrator) [Google] [Amazon] [Cambridge Catalogue(Asia)]

  • Complex Analysis in Physics
  • 1. Schaum’s Outline of Complex Variables by Murray R Spiegel [Amazon]

    2. Complex Analysis by Lars Ahlfors [Amazon]

    3. Basic Complex Analysis by Jerrold E. Marsden , Michael J. Hoffman [Amazon]

    4. An Introduction to Complex Analysis: Classical and Modern Approaches (Modern Analysis Series) by by Wolfgang Tutschke , Harkrishan L. Vasudeva [Amazon]

    5. Functions of One Complex Variable I by John Conway[Amazon]

    6. The Theory of Functions by Edward C. Titchmarsh [Amazon][Google]
    (See the chapters on Complex Analysis)

  • Symmetries, Groups and other Algebras in Physics
  • 1. Topics in Algebra by I. N. Herstein [Amazon]

    2. Algebra by Michael Artin [Amazon]

    3. Linear Algebra by Kenneth M Hoffman, Ray Kunze [Amazon]

    4. Lie Algebras in Particle Physics (Frontiers in Physics) by Howard Georgi [Amazon]

    5. Group Theory in Physics by John F. Cornwell Volume 1: An Introduction (Techniques of Physics) [Amazon] []

    6. Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations: An Elementary Introduction by Brian C. Hall[Amazon]

    7. Semi-Simple Lie Algebras And Their Representations by Robert N. Cahn [Free Online Copy] [Google] [Amazon]

    8. Representation Theory: A First Course by William Fulton, Joe Harris [Amazon] [Google]

  • Differential and Integral equations of Mathematical Physics
  • 1. Introduction to Calculus and Analysis, Volume 1 (Classics in Mathematics) by Richard Courant, Fritz John [Amazon]

    2. Differential and Integral Calculus: Volume II (Wiley Classics Library) by R. Courant [Amazon]

    3. Calculus by Tom M. Apostol
    Vol. 1: One-Variable Calculus with an Introduction to Linear Algebra [Amazon]

    Vol. 2: Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra with Applications [Amazon]

    4. A Course of Modern Analysis by E. T. Whittaker , G. N. Watson [Amazon][Google]

    5. Differential Equations With Applications and Historical Notes by George F Simmons [Amazon]

    6. Elements of Partial Differential Equations by Ian N. Sneddon [Amazon]

    7. A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions by G. N. Watson [Amazon]

    8. Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers: Asymptotic methods and Perturbation theory by Carl M. Bender , Steven A. Orszag [Amazon]

    9. The Theory of Functions by Edward C. Titchmarsh [Amazon][Google]
    (See the chapters on Complex Analysis)

  • Mathematical Aspects of Classical Mechanics(including Dynamical Systems)
  • 1. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by V. I. Arnold, A. Weinstein (Translator), K. Vogtmann (Translator) [Amazon]

  • Mathematical aspects of Quantum Mechanics(Mainly Functional Analysis)
  • 1. Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin [Amazon]

    2. Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics by Michael Reed, Barry Simon
    Vol. 1: Functional Analysis [Amazon]
    Vol. 2: Fourier Analysis, Self-Adjointness [Amazon]
    Vol. 3: Scattering Theory [Amazon]
    Vol. 4: Analysis of Operators [Amazon]

  • Mathematical aspects of Field theories including Gauge theories and Gravity(Mainly Topology and Geometry)
  • 1. Geometry, Topology and Physics by M. Nakahara [Amazon]

    2. Analysis, Manifolds and Physics by Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat, Cecile Dewitt-Morette :

    Part I [Amazon]
    Part II [Amazon]

    3. The Geometry of Physics: An Introduction by Theodore Frankel [Amazon]

    4. Topology (2nd Edition) by James Munkres [Amazon]

    5. Differential Forms with Applications to the Physical Sciences by Harley Flanders [Amazon]

    6. Tensor Geometry: The Geometric Viewpoint and Its Uses by C. T. J. Dodson, Timothy Poston [Amazon]

    7. Basic Topology (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by M.A. Armstrong [Amazon]

  • Mathematical aspects of Statistical Mechanics(Combinatorics and Probability(including Number Theory) )
  • Numerical analysis and statistics

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