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Wikipedia Articles : Classical Mechanics, Celestial Mechanics, Dynamical Systems. Chaos Theory

Blog Physica Tags : Classical Mechanics And Chaos

Books and Reviews:

  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • 1. An Introduction To Mechanics by Daniel Kleppner, Robert Kolenkow [Amazon]

  • Analytical Mechanics
  • 1.Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldstein, Charles P. Poole, John L. Safko [Amazon]

    2.The Variational Principles of Mechanics by Cornelius Lanczos [Amazon] [Google]

    3.Course of Theoretical Physics : Mechanics by E M Lifshitz, L D Landau [Amazon] [Google]

    4. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by V. I. Arnold, A. Weinstein (Translator), K. Vogtmann (Translator) [Amazon]

    5. Classical Dynamics : A Contemporary Approach by Jorge V. José, Eugene J. Saletan [Amazon] [Google]

    6. Analytical Mechanics (Foundations of Engineering Mechanics) by A.I. Lurie, A. Belyaev (Translator) [Amazon] [Google]

    7. Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics by Gerald Jay Sussman , Jack Wisdom
    [] [Free Online copy]

    8. Introduction to Dynamics by I. C. Percival, D. Richards [Amazon]

    9. Classical Dynamics—A Modern Perspective by E. C. G. Sudarshan, N. Mukunda

  • Dynamical Systems and Chaos
  • 1. Chaos in Dynamical Systems by Edward Ott [Amazon]

    2. Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics : An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers by Robert Hilborn [Amazon]

    3. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering by Steven H. Strogatz [Amazon]

    4. Chaos by Kathleen T. Alligood, Tim D. Sauer, James A. Yorke [Amazon]

American Journal of Physics Resource Letters :
(Selected from the list of Resource Letters published in AJP )

    1. CC-1: Controlling chaos by Daniel J. Gauthier [AJP site] [other]

    2. ND-1: Nonlinear Dynamics by Robert C. Hilborn & Nicholas B. Tufillaro [AJP site] [other]

    3. PS-1: Physics of sports by Cliff Frohlich [AJP Site]

    4. CM-1 on the Teaching of Angular Momentum and Rigid Body Motion by John I. Shonle [AJP Site]

    5. EEC-1 on the Evolution of Energy Concepts from Galileo to Helmholtz by Theodore M. Brown [AJP Site]

    6. PhM-1 on Philosophical Foundations of Classical Mechanics by Mary Hesse [AJP Site]

    7. F-1 on Friction by Ernest Rabinowicz [AJP Site]

    8. Resource Letter SO-1 on the Kinematics and Dynamics of Satellite Orbits by Leon Blitzer [AJP Site]