Am just listening/seeing one of the “Blackboard Lunches” from (Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics) .

I’ve already linked to an absolutely great series of talks online at the KITP site. But, I suspect that that one post hasn’t done justice to KITP …

But, this week I came across another set of “Blackboard Lunches” which are great too.

Now, I am seeing this one – The Life of a Star.

The Life of a Star
Dr. Lars Bildsten, KITP

Using only chalk and one figure, I will derive the luminosity, lifetime, and major properties of all stars and explain why their ultimate fate (white dwarf, neutron star or black hole) depends on their mass. After this event, you should be able to explain it to your family and friends.

It’s a great talk (from the first two minutes I gather that even “geologists and string theorists” can understand it 😉 ).