Sir Roger Penrose

Required Background : I don’t know ! Can somebody help me here ? …

Via Subhujoy comes a link to a bunch of lectures on mathematics from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute(MSRI). Most of it is filled with scary math stuff, but I guess as usual mathematicians do the mistake of doing something useful to us 😉

Now, I’ll leave it for somebody more knowledgeable than I am to tell us what the required background is. Anyway, I found some lectures by Penrose which I’m still trying to understand. The site seems to have its set of mathy-physics stuff (or should I call it physicsy-math stuff ? ) in addition to some mathy-biology and what not ! See for example here where you will see topics ranging from statistical physics, image analysis to neurobiological vision ! And then there are some lectures titled Must Knowing How to Teach Be Limited by Teaching What One Knows? 🙂

Now many of these are RealPlayer Videos which were not accessible at IITK the last time I tried. But, I hope the situation changes before next sem starts. Even otherwise, a lot of them also have lectures in other formats – atleast enough to satisfy the math-minded among us for a summer, I hope.