Eprintweb Monday, Jun 26 2006 

Holla this is jeet. Thought i'd share this with you all.Came across this in Quantum Pontiff. Nice site to organize what you want/are going to read. Basically a front end to arxiv


MSRI lectures Friday, Jun 9 2006 

Sir Roger Penrose

Required Background : I don’t know ! Can somebody help me here ? …

Via Subhujoy comes a link to a bunch of lectures on mathematics from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute(MSRI). Most of it is filled with scary math stuff, but I guess as usual mathematicians do the mistake of doing something useful to us 😉

Now, I’ll leave it for somebody more knowledgeable than I am to tell us what the required background is. Anyway, I found some lectures by Penrose which I’m still trying to understand. The site seems to have its set of mathy-physics stuff (or should I call it physicsy-math stuff ? ) in addition to some mathy-biology and what not ! See for example here where you will see topics ranging from statistical physics, image analysis to neurobiological vision ! And then there are some lectures titled Must Knowing How to Teach Be Limited by Teaching What One Knows? 🙂

Now many of these are RealPlayer Videos which were not accessible at IITK the last time I tried. But, I hope the situation changes before next sem starts. Even otherwise, a lot of them also have lectures in other formats – atleast enough to satisfy the math-minded among us for a summer, I hope.

2001- A Spacetime Odyssey Friday, Jun 9 2006 

Martinus Veltman, Recipient of 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics

Via Amar, I came to know of a treasure-trove of web lectures named 2001- A Spacetime odyssey. As far as the required background is concerned , I guess it is one of those things where nothing is reallly sufficient 😉

These web lectures are a part of a web-lecture archive. To quote

The Web Lecture Archive Project is a joint venture between the UM-ATLAS Collaboratory Project, the University of Michigan Media Union, and CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. Its goal is to implement this electronic archival system for slide-based presentations on the Internet.

Actually, there are much more material in that site than you might realise at first glance. Try for example , The CERN Academic Training lectures(2000) which is a kind of overview of particle physics. Especially, have a look at the lecture titled An Introduction to Field theory by Kleiss. You can find the lecture notes for these lectures here. I guess the required background is some amount of quantum mechanics, though I might be wrong…..

Then, there is the lecture by Veltman at CERN just after his Nobel prize. And there are some presentations by undergraduates at University of Michigan as a part of undergraduate research programme there.

The last but not the least is of course a series of popular science lectures called saturday morning physics at U.Mich. I especially loved the lecture titled
Quantum Tornadoes Near Absolute Zero by Paul Haljan. If you haven’ t seen it already, you should definitely see it. After all, it’s a popular science lecture so it should be accessible to everyone.

And this is Paul Haljan for you


And by the way, in case you didn’t notice, this is the first post at blogphysica by an IITK alumni 😉 Happy Summer Holidays , everybody !