Background: These are some immensely useful notes on many things that are not quantum. It should be useful to everyone.


These are the lecture notes for a course offered by Kip.S.Thorne at Caltech. They cover a wide range of topics in a beautiful way. I am just giving here the chapter names so that you can get an idea.

Chapter 1: Physics in Euclidean Space and Flat Spacetime: Geometric Viewpoint
Chapter 2: Kinetic Theory
Chapter 3: Statistical Mechanics
Chapter 4: Statistical Thermodynamics
Chapter5: Random Processes
Chapter6: Geometric Optics
Chapter 7: Diffraction
Chapter 8: Interference
Chapter 9: Nonlinear Optics
Chapter 10: Elastostatics
Chapter 11: Elastodynamics
Chapter 12: Foundations of Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 13: Vorticity
Chapter 14: Turbulence
Chapter 15: Waves and Rotating Flows
Chapter 15: Waves and Rotating Flows [
Chapter 16: Compressible and Supersonic Flow
Chapter 17: Convection
Chapter 18: Magnetohydrodynamics
Chapter 19: Particle Kinetics of Plasma
Chapter 20: Waves in Cold Plasmas: Two-Fluid Formalism
Chapter 21: Kinetic Theory of Warm Plasmas
Chapter 22: Nonlinear Dynamics of Plasmas
Chapter 23: From Special to General Relativity
Chapter 24: Fundamental Concepts of General Relativity
Chapter 25: Stars and Black Holes
Chapter 26: Gravitational Waves and Experimental Tests of General Relativity
Chapter 27: Cosmology
Appendix A: Concept-Based Outline of Book
Appendix B: Some Unifying Concepts

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