Background : According to David Deutsch who gave these video lectures

This is a series of lectures designed to be used either

* as an introduction to the quantum theory of computation, by people intending to do research in the field; or
* as an introduction to quantum physics itself.

Very little knowledge of physics is assumed. Anyone who knows what a vector space is and what the eigenvalues of a matrix are will probably know enough mathematics to be able to follow the course.

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I will just quote the site.

These lectures have a dual-use philosophy. They are designed to be an introduction to the quantum theory of computation for (say) graduate students intending to do research in the field.

Simultaneously, they are an introduction to quantum theory itself for (say) undergraduate physics students.

The links to the individual lectures are as follows.

Lecture 1: The Qubit
Introducing quantum theory, the quantum theory of computation, physical systems, observations, and the simplest quantum physical system,
the qubit.

Lecture 2: Interference Performing and analysing a single-photon interference experiment.

Lecture 3 : Measurement How to analyse pairs of interacting quantum systems.

Lecture 4 : The Schroedinger Picture Introducing the Schroedinger Picture, density matrices, state vectors, pure states and the Schroedinger equation.

Lecture 5 : A Quantum Algorithm The Deutsch Algorithm and how it works.

Lecture 6 : Grover’s Search Algorithm How to use quantum computation to search through N possibilities in a time proportional to the square root of N.

Deutsch has a very interesting perspective on Quantum mechanics ! So, even if you know quantum mechanics, you might just like to hear a different perspective.

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