Background : Some amount of Quantum Field theory would help. Though the article doesnot go very much deep into quantum field theory as such, it is a bit difficult to understand the context of renormalisation, if you’ ve not seen it either in field theory or statistical mechanics.

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A hint of renormalization
Authors: B. Delamotte
Comments: 17 pages, pedagogical article
Subj-class: High Energy Physics – Theory; Statistical Mechanics
Journal-ref: Am.J.Phys. 72 (2004) 170-184

An elementary introduction to perturbative renormalization and renormalization group is presented. No prior knowledge of field theory is necessary because we do not refer to a particular physical theory. We are thus able to disentangle what is specific to field theory and what is intrinsic to renormalization. We link the general arguments and results to real phenomena encountered in particle physics and statistical mechanics.

The abstract says it all. And yeah, all the best for endsems everyone 🙂

Update : See also

Renormalization of a model quantum field theory(should be accessible inside IITK)

Per Kraus and David J. Griffiths
Physics Department, Reed College, Portland, Oregon 97202

(Received 9 December 1991; accepted 30 April 1992)

Renormalization is the technique used to eliminate infinities that arise in quantum field theory. This paper shows how to renormalize a particularly simple model, in which a single mass counterterm of second order in the coupling constant suffices to cancel all divergences. The model serves as an accessible introduction to Feynman diagrams, covariant perturbation theory, and dimensional regularization, as well as the renormalization procedure itself. ©1992 American Association of Physics Teachers

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