As Tom mentioned, I've changed the theme to one which automatically displays the author of each post.  I tried reading up on the stuff, but wordpress is weird and doesn't allow us to tweak the themes, because as wordpress puts it

We are definitely mindful of making everything more customizable for our users, but at the same time we don’t want people to have to look at HTML and CSS code, which is antithetical to the purpose of If you want complete control over your enviroment, you’re probably better off running WordPress on a great web host of your own

Quite stupid actually, but, unless some of you can tweak something under the hood, we'll have to stick to this theme, which is a shame because I actually liked the old theme more.

 Also, to all the other contributors (mainly Ajay and Venky I think), I think it shouldn't be much of a pain to create your own wordpress account, signup here: and let me know your wordpress username, so that I can add you to the blog team, and then you can post while you are logged in under your own login.  That way the confusion with everyone using the blogphysica id will end. 

And I would suggest that we mail everyone to create their id's now, or whenever they feel like posting and mail one of us here about it if they want to join in as authors.  If you are all ok with it, then we could lock the blogphysica id in, say, a week's time?

P.S. : Since this post is relevant to the about page and how to post in this blog page, I am adding a trackback to those pages – Tom.